Placement Policy 2018 – 19


The Placement is not an “End of Course” activity and the institutional effort needs to begin at the entry level of the students by way of making them aware of what the industry would expect from them after they join their professional careers as trained managers, and should continue through their academic tenure till creating placement opportunities for them from corporate of high repute. Placement Department will actively support and coordinate with the academic faculty in providing the students guidance and support in their self grooming and direct its efforts to bring best possible opportunities of Campus Placements for the students.

Placement Organization:

  1. Placement organization will be a composite organization, consisting of its own Staff and Student Committees, formed under recommendation of the Director.
  2. The contentious issues, problems, grievances or matters involving policy changes will be referred to the Director MITSOM through Head Placement and/or Student representative (G.S. or his nominee).
  3. Issues of disciplinary nature and involving the academics and/ or faculty shall be referred by Head Placement to the Director for resolving or for taking suitable actions.
  4. To augment the placement activities a team of students will be formed giving adequate representation to all courses, specializations and institutions. A few junior students will also be included for continuity and training. The team should be large enough to cater for extra workload to allow or incur minimum disruption to students’ education needs, turnover as a result of team members joining jobs, etc. The exact composition and number of team members will be decided by G.S in consultation with Course Head and Placement Head. The selection of team will be a prerogative of G.S., with suggestion given by Head Placement and Course Head of various courses. In case of dispute Director will arbitrate.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. All the notices on policy, list of debarred / defaulter students, and other official notices must be with the signature of Director/ Head Placement. Announcement notices for CVs, interviews, PPT, etc. to be signed by Head Placement in case director is not available. Otherwise these notice to be signed jointly. These notices are to be preserved for placement records.
  2. Placement activity, due to the involvement of the students, would require active involvement of the senior academic staff. Director, and other faculty members would extend the necessary support to the Placement Division.
  3. Director will ensure that required support in terms of material and facilities are made available to the Placement Team as per their requirements for successful arrangement of placement activity when the corporate visit campuses.

Head Placement

  1. Head Placement will inform students and send the notice through an email regarding calling for C.V.s, arrival of a company for presentation, selection of candidates, offers, etc. Besides, he/she will create a provision for receiving suggestions, grievances through an email and put up a weekly summary of suggestion /grievance received and action taken by Head Placement. All the notices regarding calls for CVs, announcement of company campus visit, call letters and requirements received from companies will be sent with the knowledge of the Placement Officer & the printout of the same will be signed by the placement Officers and retained for the record purpose.
  2. G.S and placement committee office bearers through the placement team of students are responsible for manning the placement cell, follow up calls, maintaining appointments, informing maximum number of students about placement activities, providing weekly feedback to Director through an email, keeping log of communication, maintaining database, contacting companies for brochure presentation and maintaining accounts.

Functional Administration:

Number of students to work in placement cell, their duty hours, shifts, handing / taking over of duties, frequency of coordination meetings etc. to be worked out by G.S. in consultation with Head Placement. Care must be taken that students do not miss their classes and training schedule. As regard to maintenance of discipline and decorum of placement cell and issues regarding image of institutions, Head Placement decision will be final. The students will be allotted the task as per the requirement of the placement cell, ability and skills of the students and overall interest of the organization. Head Placement and G.S will do this through discussions. Incase of any dispute the matter to be referred to the Director.

Placement Notices and Students Info (Through Email):

  1. Students are themselves responsible to read and understand placement events and notices send to them through email.
    Head Placement will send one notice informing the event via email. These notices will also be posted on the Students’ Intra-net folder Placement – Bulletins. G.S through placement team will put additional parallel systems for information like class announcements, telephone calls, and network of C.R.s/ Students selected by Placement Cell. However, this will only be a supplementary system and not necessarily an assured mode of communication.

Nominations- Candidature- Short-listing

  1. Procedure when institute short lists the candidates :
    When companies ask institute to short list and provide limited number of CVs as per the specific QR/KRA/requirement in such situations following action will be taken by the placement cell -
    1. Reaction Time of 7- 8 days: A notice as regards this will be displayed as soon as possible. Placement office will also prepare the list of qualifying & suitable student’s base on the CV’s of the students who have applied for the same. In addition to this, Examination Controller will give the academic and overall performance report to the Placement Cell if required. Based on the above, short-listing will be done by the Head Placement. In case of any dispute, issue may be referred to Director for clarification.
    2. Reaction Time of 1-2 days: When limited number of nomination is required immediately or within a short reaction time of 1-2 days, urgent email will be sent to students to apply for the same. Based on the response and requirements, CVs of students will be shortlisted by Head placement or Course Head.
  2. Procedure when companies short list students;
    1. Reaction Time of 7- 8 days: A notice as regards this will be sent as soon as possible. Head Placement will also obtain names and scrutinize them against the requirement. Names of all students who have applied and meet the requirements will be sent to company.
    2. Reaction Time of 1-2 days: When limited number of nomination is required immediately or within a short reaction time of 1-2 days, urgent email will be sent to students to apply for the same. Based on the response and requirements, CVs of students applied for the job and also additional CVs if necessary will be shortlisted by Head Placement and Course Head.
    3. Targeted Placements:In some cases, placement section may contact particular company (usually reputed Indian or multinational company which otherwise may not have come to the campus) for a specific group of specially qualified students. In such case, placement cell may display a list of students whose CVs will be forwarded. Students, within specified duration of 2-3 days, get their names deleted or submit their CVs. If any student wishes to be out of this scheme, he/she has to apply in writing to placement to put out of such scheme in advance.

Short-lists Received from the Companies:

  1. Eligibility criteria for students: - Students falling under below mentioned categories are not permitted to apply for placement support.
    1. Students with backlog in the 1st year which has not been cleared.
    2. Students involved in disciplinary action such as e.g. – cheating, copying, disruption of academic process, individual behavior etc...
    3. Fees are overdue.
    4. Students that are put on ‘Placement Hold’ or ‘Placement Debar’ provision for a specific period.
  2. As soon as names of short listed students are received from companies, an email will be sent indicating Date-Time-Venue for the next event in that selection process. Students will take action accordingly. G.S. along with the student team will device a method to inform short listed students through other means, if possible. However, the responsibility of checking emails will be that of the students. If student do not participate further process without obtaining prior sanction from Head Placement or Director, student may invite ‘Placement Debar’ provision.

Salary Package:

  1. It is not feasible and advisable for placement office to fix, dictate, negotiate or bargain for compensation packages on student’s behalf. However, wherever & whenever possible, placement office will endeavor to get salary indication from the recruiter. As and when available, it will be communicated. Head Placement will in general try and maximize the benefit for students according to the situation and credential of the students. If salary package is not disclosed by the company the students are encouraged to discuss about it preferably at PPT stage. If package is not acceptable or not disclosed by the company the student may withdraw from further process without inviting debar provisions by informing to the placement section immediately after PPT.

Selection Process:

  1. Depending upon the process followed by the company, one or more of the following selection test will take place, either at company venue or campus:
  2. a) PPT- Pre Placement Talk; (b) Written English Test; (c) Profiling / Psychometric test; (d) Extempore, Verbal Speech / Presentation test; (e) Formal Spoken presentation on a given topic; (f) Group Discussion; (g) Personal Interviews (PI) – one or multiple rounds. Information will be put on the notice board by the Head Placement and further communicated if feasible by the student team. Student will ensure that they are present with necessary documents (as mentioned in the notice sent through email), in prescribed dress code (when not prescribed, uniform will be worn) and 15 minutes prior to the specified time. Students are expected to finish their refreshments and personal requirements and be available at the venue properly turned out. Students not adhering to dress code are liable to be penalized as per rules.

Debar Provisions from Placement Section:

  1. Once the candidate short list is published, students will attend the next event, whether PPT, GD or PI or any other. Absent students will be debarred from further placement support. The student will be permitted to withdraw from the process by indicating in writing giving reasons of his / her unwillingness to go through the next phase of the process. Standard Performa will be available at placement cell. If that be the final interview, and student want to withdraw due to salary package, working condition, career progression, etc, that has come to his / her notice during last phase only, then he / she will have to complete the final interview, but indicate unwillingness to the recruiter in writing with copy to placement cell stating the reasons clearly. Head Placement must be informed well in advance. If the procedure is not followed, students will attract the debar provision. Once the offer letter from the recruiter is received, and the student has not expressed his/her reservations a-priori, he/she will be removed from the placement list as ‘already placed’. However, he/she may appeal to Director in writing through Head Placement. This provision is in interest of all students to avoid wasting of available vacancies and maintain good relationship with the companies.
  2. Students must adhere to norms of discipline and personal conduct during their interactions with Company officials and their conduct at company offices. Any misbehavior / indiscretion will attract disciplinary action which may result in permanent debar from placement process.

Debar Provisions from Academic Section:

  1. Debar If a student is found irregular in attending the college and other academic activities or if for any reason is declared as defaulter for(misbehavior indiscipline etc) by the Faculty members is considered as Debar from the placement facilities. However, such students can appeal to Director in writing through Course Head and with concern of Head Placements.

Post –Selection:

  1. Following contingencies may occur:
    1. The company may want the selected candidate to complete entire MBA/MCA course before joining. That would be the best alternative and supported by the institute in the interest of the company and the student. Students will take full advantage and complete the course in full earnest.
    2. It is mandatory for the student to work at least 6 months with recruiter to maintain the relationship of the institute and industry.
    3. Early placement is permitted after midterm examination of the IVth/Vth (MCA) Sem. However students of MBA course will be required to Complete III sem. and appear in Term End exams in order to qualify for award of Degree. Students are advised to be familiar with rules on the subject as given out in the ‘Aide Memoire’.

Redress of Placement Disputes:

  1. Students may seek information or clarification on notice, lists, and timing of the event CVs etc. In case students want to give any suggestion, they will do so in a polite manner. Or else they will use suggestion box kept outside the placement cell. Improvement suggestion may be applicable to a group of students or all students. However, the complaints must be specific and only related to individual case. Complaints affecting a group must be presented only through G.S. Any student, representing group complaint without discussing with G.S., will be asked to report the matter to G.S. and represent through him. Disagreement or Difference of Opinion, on any such issue will be resolved by student placement committee within these rules or the interpretation in the light of the context. In case any student is not satisfied, he/she may apply in writing to Director for redress of grievance, interpretation of rule, or give decision.

Change in Placement Rules

  1. Placement Policy is subject to change & Institute has authority and right to change, add, delete, or modify these rules from time to time based on the inputs, feedback and experience. Changes in policy, if any, will be communicated to all concerned and students at the earliest. In such a case new rules will be published through notice board as well as through email and come in to vogue as per the time specified in the notice.