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New Arrivals

Acc. No. Author Title Pub. Specialization
029675 Walker, D. C Marketing Strategy .-5th TMH, Delhi MK
029676 Mathur, B. P Governance Reform For Vision India Macmillan, Delhi Gen.
029677 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Creating business plans HBS Gen.
029678 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Delegating Work HBS Gen.
029679 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Finance basics HBS Fin.
029680 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Giving effective feedback HBS Gen.
029681 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Innovative teams HBS Gen.
029682 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Managing time HBS Gen.
029683 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Managing Up HBS Gen.
029684 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Performance Reviews HBS Mgmt.
029685 HBS 20 Minute Manager : Presentations HBS Gen.
029686 Thackston,Wed. Abul-Fozl : The history of Akbar .-Vol.1 Harvard University Press, Londan Gen.
029687 Peddana,A; Rao,V & Shulman,D.T The Story of Manu HUP, London Gen.
029688 Kellerman,B Bad Leadership HBS Gen.
029689 Hill,L.A & Lineback,K Being The Boss HBS Gen.
029690 Zenger,T Beyond Competitive Advantage HBS Gen.
029691 Peterson,l.Ved. Bharavi : Arjuna and the Hunter HUP, London Gen.
029692 Schmitt,B H Big Think Strategy HBS Gen.
029693 Shah,B & Shaekle,C T Sufi Lyrics HUP Gen.
029694 HBS Harvard Business Essentials : Coaching and Mentoring HBS Gen.
029695 Davenport,T H & Harris,J G Competing On Annalytics HBS Gen.
029696 Lewis,A & Mckone,D Edge Strategy HBS Gen.
029697 Mcrtin,R L Flat World Navigotion Kogon Page Gen.
029698 Martin,R Getting Beyond Better HBS Gen.
029699 HBS Harvard Business Essentials : Creating Teams With an Edge HBS Gen.
029700 HBS Harvard Business Essentials : Entrepreneurs Toolkit HBS Mgmt.
029701 HBS Harvard Business Essentials : Finance for Managers HBS Fin.
029702 HBS Harvard Business Essentials : Power Influence And Persuasion HBS Gen.
029703 Garner, B. A HBR Guide to Better Business Writing HBS Gen.
029704 Sheen, R HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case HBS Gen.
029705 HBS HBR Guide to Coaching Employees HBS Gen.
029706 HBS HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback HBS Gen.
029707 HBS HBR Guide to Finance Basics For Managers HBS Fin.
029708 HBS HBR Guide to Getting The Right Work Done HBS Gen.
029709 HBS HBR Guide to Managing Up And Across HBS Gen.
029710 Weiss, J HBR Guide to Negotiating HBS Gen.
029711 Duarte, N HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations HBS Gen.
029712 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Collaboration HBS Gen.
029713 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Communication HBS Mgmt.
029714 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Emotional Intelligence HBS Gen.
029715 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Innovation HBS Gen.
029716 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Making Smart Decisions HBS Gen.
029717 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Managing Across Cultures HBS Gen.
029718 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Managing Peple HBS Gen.
029719 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Managing Yourself HBS Gen.
029720 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Strategic Marketing HBS MK.
029721 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : On Teams HBS Gen.
029722 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : The Definitive Management Ideas of The Your From HBR 2016 HBS Gen.
029723 HBS HBRs 10 Must Reads : The Essentials HBS Gen.
029724 Bergh, J V D & Behrer, M How Cool Brands Stay Hot : Branding to Generations Y & Z .-3rd Kohan Gen.
029725 McGinn, D How I Did It : Lessions From The Front Lines of Business HBS Gen.
029726 Ulrich, D Human Resource Champions HBS Mgmt.
029727 Muller, C; Croucher, R & Leigh, S Human Resource Management Viva Mgmt.
029728 Westerman, G & Hunter, R IT Risk : Viva Gen.
029729 Bones, C & Hammersley, J Leading Digital Strategy Kogan Gen.
029730 Fenn, J & Raskino, M Mastering The Hype Cycle HBS Gen.
029731 Numbers, R L & Kampourakis, K Newtons Apple : And Other Myths About Scince Harverd University Mgmt.
029732 Porter, M E On Competition HBS Gen.
029733 Morgan, N Power Cues HBS Gen.
029734 Johnson, M. W Seizing The White Space HBS Gen.
029735 Bisignani, G Shaking The Skies Viva Gen.
029736 Morieu, Y & Tollman, P Six Simple Rule HBS Gen.
029737 Hammond, J. S; Reeney, R. L & Raiffa, H Smart Choices HBS Gen.
029738 Bryant, K Surdas Ocean : Poeme From The Early Tradition HUP Gen.
029739 Carter, P Test Your EQ : Assess Your Emotional Intelligence with 22 Pearsonality Questionnalines Source Books Gen.
029740 Austin, R. D; Nolan, R. L & Donnell, S. O The Adventures Of An It Leader HBS Gen.
029741 Lerner, J The Architecture of Innovation HBS Gen.
029742 Christensen, C. N The Clayton m. Christenson Reader HBS Gen.
029743 Kaplan, R. S & Norton, D. P The Execution Premium : Linking Strategy to Operations For Competitive Advantage HBS Gen.
029744 Zook, C & Allen, J The Founders Memtality HBS Gen.
029745 Lee, B The Hidden Wealth Of Customers Realizing The untapped Value Of Your Most Important Asset. Viva MK.
029746 Becker, B. E; Huselid, M. A & Ulrich, D The HR Scorecard HBS MK.
029747 Dyer, J & Christenson, C. N The Innovators DNA HBS Mgmt.
029748 Dyer, J The Innovators Method HBS Gen.
029749 Christensen, C. N & Raynor, M. E The Innovators Solution : Creating & Sustaining Sucessful Growth HBS Gen.
029750 HBS The Innovators Toolkit HBS Gen.
029751 Govindarajan, V & Trimble, C The Other Side Of Innovation : Solving The Execution Challenge HBS Gen.
029752 Girotra, K & Netessine, S The Risk Driven Business Model HBS Gen.
029753 Kaplan, R. S & Norton, D. P The Strategy Focused Organization HBS Gen.
029754 Jalal, A The Struggle For Pakistan HBS Gen.
029755 Govindarajan, V The Three Box Solution HBS Gen.
029756 Doniger, W The Triumph of The Snake Goddess HBS Gen.
029757 Katzenbach, J & Smith, D. K The Wisdom of Teams : Creating The High-Performance Organization HBS Gen.
029758 Dawar, N Tilt : Shifting Your Strategy From Products to Customers HBS Gen.
029759 Lutgendorf, P Tulsidas The Epic Of Ram Vol. 2 HBS Gen.
029760 Kolko, J Well Designed : How to Use Empathy HBS Gen.
029761 HBS What Works : Gender Equality bh Design HBS Gen.
029762 Khanna, T & Palepu, K. G Winning In Emerging Markets HBS Gen.
029763 Sunstein, C. R & Hastie, R Wiser ; Getting Beyond Groupthink To Make Groups Smarter HBS Gen.
029764 Isenberg, D Worthless Impossible And Stupid HBS Gen.
029765 Shri Saint Gulabraomaharaj Allokik Vyakhanmala (M) Shri Saint Gulabraomaharaj, Alandi - Pune Marathi.
029766 Shri Saint Gulabraomaharaj Yog Prabhav (M) .-5th Shri Saint Gulabraomaharaj, Alandi - Pune Marathi.

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