To serve our diverse student, alumni, multicultural business community and the global community of scholars by advancing knowledge and sharing expertise in the field of International Business.


  1. Introducing students to the growing global market.
  2. To provide a platform where students interact freely on latest global economic, environmental, market related issues to broaden their horizons.
  3. To inculcate a sense of Confidence and increase their domain knowledge required in the International Business.
  4. To make the Students Industry ready by their active participation in various forum activities


The forum intends to bring together Academics and Industry professionals in various disciplines to network, exchange, and share their latest ideas, knowledge, and experiences related to the theme of Global Business.

The forum aspires to realize the dream - ‘Bridging Theory and Practice’.

Activities in the year

  1. Tour de Globe – Come tour the world with us in one day. (Mega Event)
  2. Visits to various Ports, Institutes and Organizations to provide additional knowledge about the International operations.
  3. To provide information about industry accepted certification courses as an addition to the MBA degree.
  4. Guest lectures
  5. One World Magazine
  6. International Study Tour
  7. MDP : Go Global Exim Workshop
  8. JNPT Visit
  9. Babson Video Conferencing Activity

Speakers List in the year 2015-16, 2016-17

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Parker